Friday, May 31, 2013

Roseate Spoonbills WIP

On my easel, work in progress. These were roseate spoonbills that I photographed while I was in Costa Rica.  I hope to finish the painting in next week's class. This is an acrylic painting, 11" X 14" on canvas board. My teacher suggested I leave out the jungle background and just focus in on the birds at the water's edge.

Another 11" X  14" acrylic painting on canvas board.  This was done from a spring photo of magnolias.  I didn't want too spend much time doing detail, so I made them more in an oriental style.  I felt that the verse from Psalms went well (I left that space empty deliberately so I could put a verse there) and made some cards from it.  I will sell these at craft fairs.  The actual painting doesn't have a verse. I take a digital photo and then manipulate it, either with Photoshop, or simply in Microsoft Word.

I am happy to be back home and back in my studio again.  I cleaned it up a bit today. There has been a great deal of pollen (from oak trees) blowing in the windows. I put a fan in the windows for today. Suddenly it is hot in NH. Weather is very variable in New England, so in a few days it will be mild again.

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