Thursday, December 29, 2011

WIP - Drake's Brook

This is a painting of Drake's Brook in Waterville Valley, NH (Acrylic painting on canvas board). We hiked there a couple of years ago. It's a beautiful area for hiking. I'm a little frustrated with my painting, but will keep working on it. I'm not happy with some of my rocks and I still need to use a glaze to make the water over the rocks look more like water. I'm going to take a break from it for a little bit and start something else. Then I can try again and hope to finish it off.

This hike involves crossing the brook several times. It's best to go when the water level is a bit low. The trail connects with the trails for Fletcher Cascade, Noon Peak, Jennings Peak and Sandwich Mountain.  I have photos of some of these on this blog in earlier posts. (5/30/2011; 8/1/2010; 7/25/2010)

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