Friday, September 16, 2011

Art and Ducks

Red Rock Canyon, acrylic painting 6" X 12", on board. I just have to varnish this one. (Click on the picture to enlarge it.) Finished it in my class on Tuesday. I did the mountains with palette knife. That was fun and I would like to learn more about painting with a palette knife. I had done an earlier 8" X 10" painting from this area (my photos) but I enjoyed doing the panorama style painting more. The other one focused more on the yuccas in the foreground. This view is more about the mountains themselves.

Finished this one in my class too. I had started these two paintings before I was back in my painting class. I couldn't get the feel of dappled sunlight. The teacher said this would probably have been better with watercolor. I agree, but I'm trying to learn to paint with acrylic paints now. Anyway, I still like it. This is the largest acrylic canvas I have tried, 12" X 16". This painting was done from a photo of koi swimming in the pond at Red Butte Gardens, Utah.

We are part of a committee hosting Gershon Peleg from Society for Protection of Nature in Israel this week. We took a walk today to show him Dorrs Pond. The trees are just starting to show a little color. I don't think he was used to our cold morning (48F, 7C), but he had a hat and jacket and enjoyed the walk. It's a beautiful, but windy day today. It's starting to warm up now. We'll be having a large group for dinner tonight, but I've already cooked (vegetarian Mediterranean style stuffed cabbage) and this is a potluck dinner so there will be lots of food and good fellowship.

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