Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Acrylic paintings revised

I brought these three paintings into my art class and revised them slightly according to the comments of my teacher. Noon Peak (top painting) got a few more spots of red color for flowers and a little bit more light on the bottom rock.

Joe fishing at First Connecticut Lake (second painting down) was much harder. I'm not really sure that is done yet. The proportions were off and I had to make Joe and the tree skinnier to go with my view which was above and down. Working from a photo doesn't always give the correct proportions. I had a hard time with the water.

Spring at Grace Church was easier. I just added some of the lighter wood on the window to make it more interesting and a few spots of white on the flowers. I think I am ready to varnish this one and call it done.

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Bruce said...

I loove them...the bottom one with the flowering tree is almost like a's almost like you can step into it.
Mazel tov.

Bruce :}