Friday, June 3, 2011

Self portrait in progress

I volunteered 3 hours yesterday at the Manchester Artists Association gallery, but no one came in.  I brought my sketchbook with me and spent some time fixing a sketch I had done last year of my daughter (not showing that one). I'm still not happy with it since there was too much shadow on her face (she was standing in bright sun and squinting too). I'll leave that one in my sketchbook.

Then I decided to have some fun. I started the portrait based on Zentangles, which are just repetitive designs in pen and ink. I hope to work on it some more this week and maybe finish up my Noon Peak painting this weekend. 

I also visited the student art exhibit at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and dragged Joe there too so he could see all the talented students we have in Manchester. I think they'll be taking that exhibit down soon since the semester is over, but it was very enjoyable.

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