Friday, November 26, 2010

Chanukah-new cards

Chanukah begins at sunset on Wednesday, Dec. 1st and concludes at sunset on Thursday, Dec. 9th. These two are new card designs I will be putting up on my website today. I also will put up some generic happy holiday cards, some with art, some with photos. Obviously, the pen and ink card was created from the photo I took in Jerusalem in 2006.  This is the "cardo" - the excavated market place from Roman times. My design from last year is still up there as well.

I hope my readers had a happy Thanksgiving. I had an enjoyable time with my current and former family, who insist that I am still "family". It was nice to hear after all these years. I have much to be thankful for in my life even though some of my life's lessons were difficult at the time.

The Hebrew letters at the top are from a song we sing on Chanukah "Al Hanissim" which is about all the miracles God has done for us at this time of year. The holiday is about religious freedom, the freedom to worship as we choose.

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