Saturday, October 23, 2010

Angel's Blessing

This is a traditional Jewish blessing, sometimes given to the children when they go to bed. I think it's very beautiful. All the names of the angels have "el" in them, which refers to God in Hebrew. I have made this available as a small card and will have it at the craft shows I am doing next month. I'll put it up on my web site today too.

The art is acrylic paint  (I am taking classes now and learning how to paint) on canvas. I found this quite difficult and hope it will get easier as I learn more. The view is a winter sunset from my window. Our house faces west and we get beautiful sunset views. When we first moved in we could see the small mountains outside Manchester (Uncanoonucs), but now there are many trees in the way. On a clear winter day, we can still see the tops of the mountains.

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