Friday, October 16, 2009

Artist Ziva Kainer

I usually don't put any advertisements on my blog, but since I am hosting the artist tonight for shabbat dinner, I thought I would put this up.  The reception Sunday is free and open to the public at the Jewish Federation building in Manchester (698 Beech Street).  We have a sister city program with a region of Israel called Hof HaCarmel (coastal, between Tel Aviv and Haifa).  There is an artist colony there, Ein Hod, and Ziva is part of that colony.  Joe and I did get to meet some of the artists three years ago when we were there. We hope to go back again in a few years.

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Jeanne said...

Hi Linda, I am excited about Joe's book. I want to read it and so does John. Had a great trip and looking forward to seeing you on Sat. Love, Jeanne