Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rosh Hashanah, 5770

the leaves are touched by gold this day,
the birthday of the world
5770 years ago God created it
skies, waters, planet earth and us

was God lonely, the angels and seraphim
not enough company?
perhaps God had that strong maternal drive
I felt so many times myself
that drive to create life

yet we pray, “our father, our king”
hard to change to gender neutral terminology
although the imagery works for me
seeing the divine with both masculine
and feminine characteristics

looking back at the old year
looking forward to the new
feeling purpose in my life
bringing people together
listening to others in hard places
where I have been before
I can empathize but I know
the healing only begins
with decisions and actions

one summer morning we hiked on hilly trails
and found ourselves on a ledge above a ridge
looking down at hawks soaring on thermals
a moment of awe at the sight

looking ahead the drive to create is strong
finding joy in my art with pencils,
pens and paint or an occasional poem

I am filled with wonder at all I see
from a red-bodied dragonfly to the
cardinals singing fortissimo and
the chirpy chipmunks on my deck

may this be a good year,
a sweet year for all

L’Shanah Tovah

view of Mount Monadnock from Pisgah State Park, August 2009

copyright 2009 Linda H. Feinberg

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Jeanne said...

Beautiful Linda. Love, Jeanne