Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chapter Forty-Six Middle of November

“I know that all of you’re aware of Project Whispering.” He pauses a moment while this fact is uniformly acknowledged in the affirmative. “As of right now, with the exception of a couple of analysts in the NSA, you nine are the only members of the government who are aware of this project, and until necessary, it will remain that way.” Again, he looks around the table for confirmation.

“Project Whispering,” the president continues, “is beginning to yield some insight as to what might happen in the near future concerning the Middle East and the United States. This is why I’ve called for a meeting.” The president pauses, looks down as if consulting with an inner advisor, then proceeds onto territory he never expected to have to face in his administration.

“Our top military people have suggested that, in the event of an attack on our shores, we designate pre-assigned targets to minimize reaction time – for retaliation.” He pauses again, giving the group a moment to adjust to such a difficult reality. “It makes sense to me to do so, but I believe the responsibility for making those choices lies with all of us. Do I have any questions at this point?”

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